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September 2018

Updated Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Quality Assurance Framework Children & Family Services

This chapter has been comprehensively amended. It seeks to describe a flexible framework setting out quality and assurance practice for use by senior managers and frontline staff working with children and families. The chapter advises of the Comprehensive Audit Plan for 2018/18; highlights Priority Work and includes the Single Case Audit Reflection Sheet.

Thresholds for Children’s Social Care Safeguarding Services This chapter has been updated to reflect current the terminology and structure of the Department. The Section 5, Early Help was fully refreshed and updated acknowledging the Early Help Localities Services (EHLS) and Specialist Family Focus Team (SFFT). The chapter contains an updated Early Help Referral Form, (see Appendix 2: Early Help Referral Form), and links to the revised Southwark SCB Thresholds.
Child Protection Conferences Including Standards for Conferences This chapter has been amended to ensure it reflects the current organisational structure and decision-making processes.
Representations, Complaints and Claims Procedure This chapter has been significantly amended following publication of a new Children’s Services Complaints Policy, and new Southwark Website Content. Please reference.
Southwark Safeguarding Children Board Protocol for Children at Risk of Sexual Exploitation This chapter has been comprehensively amended by linking to the revised Southwark SCB chapter on Child Sexual Exploitation; updating the Appendix 1: Southwark CSE Flow Chart and adding further Appendices: Appendix 4: Child Sexual Exploitation Warning Signs – ‘SAFEGUARD’; Appendix 5: Types of Sexual Exploitation and Appendix 6: Initial CSE strategy discussion.
Children Missing Education Protocol

This chapter was amended to update the material regarding a child missing school (see Section 2, Identifying and Tracking Children Missing Education) and when a child changes school (see Section 1.3, School Responsibilities). (Note there are two forms for missing education based on whether it is thought a child is on a school’s roll or does not have a school - but should be receiving education).

Note also key statutory education guidance has been updated; current links continue to go to these documents.
Looked After Reviews This chapter has been amended to reflect current the terminology and structure of the Department. Also to note that the Team Manager should review the CLA Review record or Pathway Plan review record and sign it off with comments within 5 working days of receipt; the QAU Service Support officer is responsible for distribution of the LAC review record to the professional network and the allocated social worker is responsible for sharing the review records and decisions with the child and their parents. (See Section 12, Recording of Looked After Reviews).
Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children

The chapter has been updated to reflect current the terminology and structure of the Department; amend Section 3, ‘Assessment’ with regard to in advance of undertaking an age assessment for an unaccompanied asylum seeking child, local authorities must seek Home Office assistance with verifying the authenticity of identity documents e.g. travel documents or a birth certificate. A link to the relevant contact details for local authorities was added. Additionally, a new section ‘When Asylum Seekers go Missing after Age 18 to Avoid Deportation’ was added to assist in dealing with this issue.

Local Contacts This chapter has been updated.
Designated Managers This chapter has been updated.
New Chapters
Chapter Name Details
Working with Children Subject of Supervision Orders This chapter details the parameters of Supervision Orders and identifies they are the outcome of Care Proceedings, enabling the local authority to ‘advise, assist and befriend’ a young person made subject of one. Additionally, there can be conditions placed on the child which are directed by the court. Children subject to Supervision Orders in Southwark are identified as Children in Need and Departmental processes around this should be followed. As most Supervision Orders last 12 month, it is important that a final review is undertaken after 9 months, (3 months if the Order is a 6 month Order), to identify whether the matter is to be (exceptionally) returned to Court. Where children also have Child Protection Plans, then these processes and procedures should be retained and integrated into the Order’s ‘reviewing process’ – but of course are not themselves conditional to Court Order processes as such. Please Reference.
Supporting Care Leavers Through to 25

This chapter has been substantially amended to reflect the Children and Social Work Act 2017 on the Leaving Care Services and Care leavers. Particularly:

  • The Local Offer - all local authorities must publish up-date information about the services it offers for care leavers and other services which may assist care leavers in, or preparing for, adulthood and independent living;
  • Corporate parenting: the Children and Social Work Act 2017 establishes 7 Corporate Parenting Principles, which should include and involve not only the Local Authority providing Children’s Social Care services, but also District Councils (where appropriate) and partner agencies;
  • Continuing Support Up to the Age of 25: all Care leavers between the ages of 21 and up to 25 will be entitled to support irrespective of whether they are in education or training. Even when they may not initially choose such support, they can return and seek support, which can be provided on specific issues or on a more comprehensive basis where this is needed. Please Reference.
Unaccompanied Migrant Children and Child Victims of Trafficking and Modern Slavery The chapter has been developed to reflect the ‘Care of Unaccompanied Migrant Children and Child Victims of Modern Slavery - Statutory Guidance for Local Authorities (2017)’ – which itself replaced statutory Guidance of 2014 regarding Unaccompanied asylum Seeing children. The chapter contains a link to the updated statutory Guidance. Please Reference.

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