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3.7.7 Reviews of Foster Carers

See also Review and Termination of Approval of Foster Carers Procedure

The review should be seen as an opportunity for the foster carer and the social workers to appraise the foster carer’s performance and identify specific tasks for future working together. The positive should be emphasised and achievements acknowledged.

The review should identify tasks performed and completed since the last review, for example the rehabilitation of a child to his/her family, and the part played by the foster carer in achieving this.

The review should also include a health and safety check of the foster home and immediate environment to ensure they are free of any avoidable hazards which may expose a child to risk of injury or harm and that the home has safety barriers and equipment appropriate to the age, development and ability of the children placed there.

The section on the foster carer’s development should identify specific skills to be worked on and target dates.

The approach should focus on specific tasks and evaluate the foster carer’s performance of the tasks.

The review should also check that the fostering social worker has provided the foster carer with up to date and relevant information in relation to the policies and procedures contained in this Handbook. It may be useful for each review to concentrate on one specific area, for example behaviour management, to ensure that the foster carer has the information required and can demonstrate competence in this area.

In discussing training and group support, it may be appropriate to consider alternative support systems for foster carers who have difficulty in attending groups. Possibilities may be pairings with other carers or single sex support groups.