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4.12 Exclusions and Children out of School

1. The need for head teachers to keep records of actions taken prior to exclusion

The head teacher must keep a written record of actions taken, including copies of witness statements and interviews, dated and signed wherever possible.

2. Breaches of school rules on appearance

The guidance outlines when exclusion should be used and gives guidance on how to remedy breaches; e.g.

Exclusions based upon uniform rules or appearance (for example jewellery, body piercing, hairstyles etc.) except where these are persistent and in open defiance of such rules. (Pupils may be sent home, their parents having been contacted... to change clothes without being excluded this should be no longer than is necessary, otherwise it may amount to an unofficial exclusion.

3. Action taken following a fixed period exclusion

The guidance makes clear that during the first five days of exclusion the carer is responsible for the child. However the school is responsible for setting work.

On the sixth day of any exclusion the school is responsible for educational provision and supervision.

4. Reintegration interviews

Meetings should take place on the first day or the first fifteen following reinstatement. The meeting should focus upon promoting improved behaviour.

5. Actions taken following a permanent exclusion

During the first five days the school is responsible for setting work and the LA should assess the pupil's needs and how best to meet them

On the sixth day of permanent exclusion the LA is statutorily responsible for ensuring that suitable full-time education is provided.

6. Revised guidance on Looked After Children (LAC)

Exclusion of LAC should be an absolute last resort.

There is a need to minimise exclusion because of its impact on carers and placements. It also stresses giving pupils a voice at meetings with the governing body, and that meetings should be child friendly to this end