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1.1.1 Foreword and Introduction


This chapter was reviewed and amended in September 2017.

Welcome to this revised edition of the Children’s Social Care Procedures Handbook.

I know that previous editions have proved invaluable to staff in knowing and understanding how Southwark is implementing policy and procedures across Children’s Social Care.

The Handbook is completely electronic, so that it can be amended and be made available to all staff easily. It is fully accessible on-line.

We have a contract with tri-x Childcare Limited who produced the handbook to ensure that updates are planned and published twice yearly. If you have any comments or changes that you believe should be made to any of the chapters, get in touch with Jackie Cook, Head of Quality Assurance, ( who would be very pleased to hear from you. Any changes which have the necessary managerial approval can then be included in the next planned update.

Alasdair Smith
Director, Children’s Social Care.