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3.1.2 Speaker Box - 11 Golden Rules for Professionals


This chapter has been replaced in September 2016 with an updated set of rules for professionals drawn up in May 2016 by the Southwark Children in Care council Speaker Box.

All staff in Children’s Social Care should be familiar with the ‘Golden Rules’ and seek to ensure their practice and approach reflect respect for them.

These rules for practitioners were drawn up in May 2016 by the Southwark Children in care council Speaker Box:

Listen Up Our views are important and need to be taken seriously.
Be Honest Tell us why we are in care. Tell us the TRUTH. Please tell us about our rights to see our records too. This can help us understand our past.
Be Reliable Turn up on time and always return our calls. If you do not see us every 6 weeks, keep us updated with phone calls or messages. If you promise something, make sure you keep it. Let us know and remind us when you are coming, and give us more than 24 hours notice unless it is a Child Protection visit. We have lives too.
Our Way of Saying It Go through the consultation document with us instead of sending it through the post. Make sure you know how we feel and be creative to help us find the best way to express it. It can be hard to say how you feel on a long form and it can feel overwhelming.
Quality Time The quality of the visit is more important than how long the visit is. Everyone can not sit and talk for an hour. Sometimes we want to do an activity while we talk. The review does not count as a visit.
Good Conversation Ask new and varied questions on each visit. Do not ask the same questions every time. Get to know us. There is more to us than just being in care.
Good Meetings We do not want too many meetings, and we do not want any people there that do not have to be there. We do not want to miss school or college because of meetings! Make sure you send us the decisions from the meeting within two weeks or at least within a month.
Help Us Keep in Contact We want help to keep in touch with our family. We also want help with keeping in touch with extended family members. Support us to make contact as good as possible. If there is a reason why we can not have contact explain it, do not just say no.
Money Matters Tell us about what we are entitled to, since we speak to each other. We should have saving accounts and have this explained to us.
Documents for Life Always check to see if we have a passport and a birth certificate. Always clarify a child or young person’s status. If this can not be done, make sure you write the reason why.
Believe in Us We need someone to believe in us and show us that we can achieve more than we have ever imagined.