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3.8.6 Nutrition and Diet


This procedure applies to all Looked After Children.

It should be read in conjunction with Nutrition, Diet and Mealtimes Guidance

Arrangements must exist for promoting the nutritional and dietary needs of all Looked After Children.

The arrangements may be outlined in Placement Information Records for individual children and must always be included where the child has special dietary needs.

The arrangements should include the following:

  1. The child's nutritional and dietary needs;
  2. Any requirements to take account of the child's religious and spiritual observances/needs;
  3. Times and associated procedures for meals, e.g. washing up arrangements;
  4. Whether and, if so, how children will be encouraged and supported to help with menu planning, budgeting, purchase and preparation of meals;
  5. Whether and, if so, how children will be taught skills in preparation for independence.