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6.15 Disclosure of Information in Family Proceedings - Police/Family Disclosure


This Protocol was implemented on a pilot basis across London and the North West of England on 1 December 2004. It is intended that an evaluation will take place in September 2005.

The aims of the Protocol are to provide a means by which a proper system for formal request and reply can exist for police documentation to be shared with Family Proceedings Courts (having regard to data protection rules, confidentiality and other sensitive policing issues). The Protocol seeks to ensure that the appropriate information is provided as quickly as possible without recourse to disputed Court hearings where possible.

N.B. The Protocol relates to police documents and not to information received verbally in the course of usual working together between police officers and social workers.

The Protocol sets out straightforward steps to be taken by the local authority lawyer with conduct of the case in approaching the police for documents to be placed before the Family Proceedings Court. 

The key tools of the Protocol are a Request Form to be submitted by the local authority lawyer to the relevant Detective Inspector and a Reply Form to be sent by police setting out what can and cannot be disclosed in response to the Request Form. The essence of the Protocol is about “working together” on the issue of disclosure.

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