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4.25 Supervision Policy, Standards & Guidance

Everything we do in our work should have at its heart the benefit of children, young people, and families. Supervision is fundamental to this as the principal process by which the council ensures staff are supported and motivated to deliver the best possible service to children and families, and our work to safeguard and promote the welfare of children is properly exercised in accordance with our legal obligations.

Good supervision is essential to provide support and guidance for effective practice that in Southwark follows 8 Practice Principles.

This council’s Fairer Future Workforce Strategy (2019-2022) affirms, “our most valued resource is our staff. We want our staff to enjoy coming to work and to do a brilliant job. For that we have to provide a working environment that is welcoming, supportive, empowering, professional and safe.” Supervision is central to this.

It is part of a comprehensive framework of managerial support, reflective space and learning opportunities alongside access to research and relevant knowledge to promote good and outstanding practice.

Supervision “…is vital for practitioners’ well-being, professional development, and management oversight. Most importantly, supervision helps you to achieve the best possible outcomes for children.”

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This chapter was refreshed in April 2022.